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Dc Motor Interview Questions And Answer Pdf

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ElecticalQuestion 1: What is Electrical machine? Electrical machine is an electro mechanical device which converts input motive power prime mover like turbine in case of generator or electrical supply in case of dc motor to output motive power Electrical power in case of the generator or mechanical output in case of motor. This uses the principle of electro magentic induction principle.

Electric Motor Interview Viva Questions and Answers

The condition for maximum power in case of D. Ans: b. For which of the following applications a D. Which D. Three point starter can be used for a series motor only b shunt motor only c compound motor only d both shunt and compound motor Ans: d.

What are causes of hot bearings? What causes heating of armature? What is commutator pitch of a 4-pole DC armature having 49 commutator bars? How may the direction of rotation of a DC motor be reversed? This can be done by reversing either the field current or current through the armature. Usually, reversal of current through the armature is adopted. What happens if the direction of current at the terminals of a series motor is reversed?

Electronics in our lives is like the life support which is supporting the human survival and development. They are now the most integrated part of human being. Starting from small toys to large spaceships, small lighting to large space stations, at all places we have the electronics in various forms with us. Let it be concentrated over the Electric Motors. Electric Motors are the machines that convert electrical energy into the mechanical energy which further is used to drive a vehicle, plant and many more things around us. Here are the types of questions on electric motors which are asked in an interview, question papers and other competitive exams as well. Questions on Electric Motors with answers-.

Electrical AC DC Motors Interview Questions Questions and Answers

Why is it distorted in the opposite direction of rotation in a DC motor? Eventually, that excessive current can damage commutator and brushes. DC Motor Interview Questions. Usually, there is no constructional difference between DC generator and DC motor. The same DC motor can be run as DC generator.

DC motor is one of the rotary machines which makes use of electrical current and converts it to mechanical energy which can be used in many other functions or operations. The forces are generated by magnetic fields. Do search in wisdom jobs for DC motor job listings for full time and part time positions updated today. If you are looking for job then go check out interview questions page to get more information on the kind and level of questions you will come across during the interview. Various jobs were present in all over India for this technology which is in high demand. Question 1. Answer : The operation of a D.

Electrical Motors Interview Question And Answers

Fully solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand. Multiple choice and true or false type questions are also provided. You can easily solve all kind of questions based on Electrical AC DC Motors Interview Questions by practicing the exercises including shortcut methods to solve problems given below.

300+ TOP D.C.MOTOR Interview Questions and Answers pdf

A list of top frequently asked Electrical Machines interview questions and answers are given below. A Single-phase autotransformer is a single winding transformer in which a part of the winding is common to both high-voltage and low-voltage sides. This law states that when we move any current carrying conductor in a magnetic field, then an EMF is induced in it. Eddy current losses can be minimized by laminating the core and insulating the core from each other with paper or varnish.

The electric motor that converts the AC electrical energy into mechanical energy by using an electromagnetic induction phenomenon is called an AC motor. Electrical machines that convert DC electrical energy into mechanical energy is known as a DC motor. The universal motor is a type of electric motor that can operate on either AC or DC supply. A universal or AC series motor is similar to a DC series motor which has an armature and field windings connected in series. Since the field flux and armature current reverse simultaneously, the direction of torque always remains the same irrespective of its polarity.

Electrical Machines Interview questions

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ac motor questions and answers pdf

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DC Motor Interview Questions

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