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Barbara Adam Time And Social Theory Pdf

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Time, Capitalism and Alienation

It is a genuine expression of sociological thought using the insights of other disciplines not as a borrowinga but as illustrations of a direction to be followed. Introduction: Time is a Fact of Life. From the Measure of Motion of Entropy. Rhythmicity: Source of Life and Form. Human Time Studied.

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Timewatch : The Social Analysis of Time. Barbara Adam. Time forms such an important part of our lives that it is rarely thought about. In this book the author moves beyond the time of clocks and calendars in order to study time as embedded in social interactions, structures, practices and knowledge, in artefacts, in the body, and in the environment. The author looks at the many different ways in which time is experienced, in relation to the various contexts and institutions of social life. Among the topics discussed are time in the areas of health, education, work, globalization and environmental change.

Barbara Adam

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Barbara Adam received a Lyceum education in Germany and developed her entire academic career from mature student to professor at Cardiff University. She gained both her doctorates in the field of time studies and obtained two ESRC Fellowships and to extend her agenda-setting work on social time. Her innovative temporal perspective took social theory and social investigation into virgin territory and blazed a trail for others. She is a member of the Academy of Social Sciences.

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