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Psychometric Numerical Test Questions And Answers Pdf

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Psychometric testing takes various forms numerical, mechanical, logical, verbal, etc ; the tests are intended to streamline the recruitment process and reveal top applicants efficiently. Most psychometric tests are administered online.

Practice Numerical Reasoning Tests

Psychometric testing takes various forms numerical, mechanical, logical, verbal, etc ; the tests are intended to streamline the recruitment process and reveal top applicants efficiently. Most psychometric tests are administered online. They are now a common hurdle, particularly in graduate scheme applications. The tests are often used in tandem with each other, the chosen test selection dictated by the career sector to which the applicant is applying.

Usually sat online, psychometric tests may be administered via email link or in person at an assessment centre. The test length relative to the time assigned to answer the questions will require mental agility to deliver rapid accurate responses.

Psychometric test scores do not stand alone but are often considered in combination with candidate CVs, cover letters and other assessment rounds such as more tailored, sector-specific tasks, role play scenarios and group interviews.

The value of performing well in psychometric testing should not, however, be overlooked. A high psychometric test score will dramatically increase your chances of securing a final stage interview. Employers commonly receive an extremely high number of applications for any one role. Quick and easy to administer at scale, psychometric tests are an excellent way to reduce the size of the applicant pool.

This streamlining speeds up the recruitment process, providing a logical candidate shortlist of manageable length and reducing HR costs. The tests are considered to be reliable indicators of candidate potential and suitability, as a strong correlation between a high score and subsequent high-quality performance in role has been identified.

Verbal and numerical reasoning tests tend to be most popular with employers, as they test key transferable comprehension and arithmetic skills. The testing of accuracy under pressure gives an indication as to how the candidate will cope in a demanding everyday role. Although prospective employees may be inclined to loathe the impersonal nature of standardised testing, it does bring objectivity back into the recruitment process.

Whilst psychometric testing may be an initially daunting prospect, remember that - unlike some recruitment stages - it can be comprehensively prepared for to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Practising the psychometric tests you are likely to encounter will ensure that, come assessment day, you achieve the high scores that reflect both your ability and potential.

Here at Practice Aptitude Tests, we have broken down the structure and content of the different types of psychometric tests commonly encountered in the recruitment process.

Explore the detail of each by reviewing the list below, so you know exactly what to expect from each test type. Numerical reasoning tests demonstrate your ability to deal with numbers quickly and accurately.

The questions are not testing high-level ability, but your capacity to use simple mathematical concepts to analyse data and draw conclusions. They assess your knowledge of ratios, percentages, number sequences, data interpretation , financial analysis and currency conversion. Mechanical reasoning tests challenge your understanding and application of mechanical concepts. You will be required to deduce the elements at work in a particular scenario and answer a directly related question.

Usually specific to the sector, they require an element of background knowledge and experience. Common topics include forces, energy, electrics and gears. Made up of non-verbal content, logical reasoning tests assess your ability to interpret shapes, numbers and patterns. Candidates must identify the next figure in the sequence from a selection of possibilities. These tests commonly encompass elements from both diagrammatic and numerical reasoning assessments.

Verbal reasoning tests assess your comprehension and interpretation of written passages. A short excerpt of text is provided for review and candidates are then asked questions relating to its content.

Testing pure logical reasoning, diagrammatic tests involve the analysis of sequences of shapes and patterns. You will be required to identify the rule that governs the sequence in order to choose the next correct element from a provided selection, or to correctly apply the rule to a new scenario. Abstract reasoning tests measure your ability to deduce the relationships between shapes and within patterns. They do not require any numerical or verbal analysis, but test your logic and lateral thinking, alongside your accuracy and speed.

A spatial reasoning or awareness test is used to assess your ability to identify patterns, visualise movements and mentally manipulate 2D or 3D objects. Common questions include identifying which image is a rotation of a given shape and which net corresponds to a certain 3D image. Situational judgement tests are used to assess how you would approach different practical situations that may arise in the workplace. Your response to a series of hypothetical scenarios helps employers to judge whether your behaviour and attitude aligns with company expectation and ethos.

An E-tray assessment involves a simulated email inbox in a particular scenario. With background information provided and in keeping with a given job role, you will be required to read and respond to the messages accordingly. Any type of psychometric test will require you to answer multiple-choice questions within a given time limit.

Both test length and time provision will vary depending upon test type and provider. As psychometric tests are an assessment of mental agility, you will need to be prepared to answer the questions rapidly without compromising accuracy. If the number of questions seems overly ambitious in the given time, it may be that the test is intended to be ambitious. Focus on correctly answering the questions rapidly, but do not rush in order to finish the test.

It is common for multiple psychometric tests to be administered in the same session. For example, you may be required to sit a verbal reasoning test, followed by a numerical reasoning and a situational judgement assessment. Knowing as much as possible about the test structure beforehand will help you pin down the specifics of what to expect.

Once you find out that psychometric testing forms part of the job application process, enquire with your prospective employer as to the number and type of tests, along with the provider used. While they may not be able to reveal the provider to you, it is worth an ask given the variation between tests of the same type.

Whilst a select few employers may still administer paper versions, expect to sit your psychometric test s online. This will either be remotely in your own home or as part of an assessment centre most common for graduate scheme applications.

For tests that are sat at home, you will be provided with a time window usually around 48 hours in which to take the test.

Adaptive questioning algorithms are used by some test publishers. This means that question difficulty is dependent upon the number to correct answers logged. Do not be too surprised, therefore, if your questions increase in difficulty as you progress through the test.

A high score on your psychometric test means a greater chance of securing a coveted chance to impress at interview, so adequate preparation is key. For all psychometric tests, the best form of preparation is a copious amount of practice. Once you have found out all you can about the type of test being set and the way it is being administered, settle into targeted question practice.

In some cases, you may not be informed which type of test you will be required to take until it is set. If this is outlined to be the case, ensure you devote practice time to all test types. Practice will reveal your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to focus more time on improving your weakest areas. Working through sample questions and answers will help you to understand the logic of the test and the method of thinking required to rapidly identify the correct answers.

Online practice will help you to become accustomed to the timing of the test. This will enable you to become better at achieving the right pace, ensuring full completion of the test with both speed and accuracy. An initial number of our online psychometric tests of all types can be accessed for free , so you can start practicing with only a time investment.

Our test catalogue can be browsed according to aptitude test type , publisher , employer or industry. If you wish to take your practice to the next level and gain access to over different psychometric tests, publisher and employer packages and full solution explanations, we offer a great value All Tests Package with month access.

If you put in the hours, avoid the all too common mistakes made by candidates and take stock of our top tips , you will feel calm, confident and fully prepared on the test day.

Companies and recruitment agencies outsource psychometric testing to specialist providers or publishers. It is important to try and find out which publisher your test will be from, as the style and therefore format and content varies depending upon provider. Once you know which test you will be sitting, do some research on their website to find out more about the specifics of the test such as test length, time limit, marking etc.

Publishers also usually provide access to some free sample questions. Many of these companies are psychology consultancies which had their roots in recruitment services.

Visit our Publisher Tests Catalogue for a comprehensive list of the main 18 psychometric test publishers and to access tests that simulate those produced by each.

For each publisher style, one test is available to take for free. Each publisher package has an average of 20 tests available for practice through our separately purchasable One Test Packages or the All Test Packages option. Diagrammatic reasoning tests assess your logical reasoning ability. The questions measure your ability to infer a set of rules from a flowchart or sequence of diagrams and then to apply those rules to a new situation.

E-Tray exercises are electronic versions of in-trays. Both use simulations and scenarios that you are required to interpret and process before making decisions on a number of tasks. You will be presented with a selection of resources and you'll be required to respond as you would if you were working for the company. Assessment Centres are not a physical place. They are a method of assessing multiple applicants for a job, consisting of a number of exercises designed to assess the competencies deemed important for success in that job.

Different test providers and employers choose to convey results in different ways. Scores listed may include the raw score number of correct responses given , attempted score, percentage accuracy correct answers versus questions attempted and precision score conveyed using three values: number of questions attempted, work rate and hit rate.

Comparison scores — used so your result can be placed relative to the mean score of your test cohort — may also be given. A percentile score is most commonly used to compare and filter candidates. They also provide an overview of how the person might perform in the workplace. This all helps employers streamline the hiring process by finding the right candidates more quickly.

Test feedback can be useful in illuminating your strengths and weaknesses, helping you to improve your performance the next time you encounter such tests. The most useful type of feedback is test-dependent. This is vital if you intend to reapply to the same company in the future. Psychometric tests measure both cognitive ability and agility.

They commonly focus less upon knowledge and more on problem-solving ability and accuracy under pressure. The tests are designed to reveal if prospective candidates have the traits sought for the job role in question. They allow employers to judge how a candidate will handle routine tasks, interact with co-workers and cope in stressful situations.

Numerical Reasoning Test 1 Solutions (PDF) - Aptitude Test

This numerical reasoning practice test has 10 questions. You should aim to complete the test within 10 minutes. Guidance for Answering the Questions. Numerical reasoning tests are a specific type of numerical test that will assess your ability to use numbers in a logical and rational way. The numerical reasoning test highlights the candidate's ability to quickly grasp numerical concepts, solve mathematical problems and make sound and logical decisions, using numbers and any other given information.

This free numerical reasoning test contains 21 questions and has a time limit of 21 minutes. This test is rated as medium and is about the same difficulty as real numerical tests graduate employers use. Download this free example In-tray exercise as a PDF and print it off to work through it in your own time. Click the links below to view them online individually. Begin Practising. Free Test Samples.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to the use of cookies. Find out more here. Accept cookies. Free psychological tests 1,, taken last month. The numerical reasoning test is one of the most frequently used ability tests for psychometric testing. If you want to prepare for an assessment or do job test preparation make sure you practice numerical reasoning tests.

Practice Psychometric Tests

In other words, recruiters use psychometric test scores to work out whether or not to hire you. These tests also evaluate your capacity to work with others, process information and cope with stress. The majority of psychometric tests are taken online, although paper tests are sometimes used. Psychometric tests are by no means a new concept; they have been used since the early 20th century, when they were originally used only for the purposes of educational psychology.

Numerical Reasoning Tests can be very tricky. For the best chance of success, read the article below slowly, work through the example questions , follow our tips and actionable advice and then start taking practice tests. You can take our free numerical test right here:. Take Test.

You are likely to encounter them in selection for all job sectors; however, they will be specialised to cater for the specific job requirements of the role. Aptitude tests come in many different forms due to the range of skills required for different roles. Generally, they fall into two categories: verbal and non-verbal. Common non-verbal tests such as numerical reasoning or inductive reasoning, assess your ability to handle numerical data, patterns and problem-solving. Verbal tests such as verbal reasoning, comprehension and situational judgement tests are focused on your ability to analyse verbal data and make astute decisions.

Psychometric Tests: The Complete Guide To Passing & Getting Hired (+ 12 Free Tests)

Psychometric Tests: 9 Free Practice Tests 2021 Update

In numerical reasoning questions, information is provided that requires you to interpret it and then apply the appropriate logic to answer the questions. In other words, you need to work out how to get the answer rather than what calculations to apply. Sometimes the questions are designed to approximate the type of reasoning required in the workplace.

If you are about to take a Psychometric Test as part of a recruitment process, this guide will help you prepare. Take A Test. We promote a website called JobTestPrep in this article.

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