genetic analysis and mapping in bacteria and bacteriophages pdf

Genetic Analysis And Mapping In Bacteria And Bacteriophages Pdf

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Gene mapping

Gene mapping describes the methods used to identify the locus of a gene and the distances between genes. The essence of all genome mapping is to place a collection of molecular markers onto their respective positions on the genome. Molecular markers come in all forms. Genes can be viewed as one special type of genetic markers in the construction of genome maps, and mapped the same way as any other markers. There are two distinctive types of "Maps" used in the field of genome mapping: genetic maps and physical maps. While both maps are a collection of genetic markers and gene loci, [3] genetic maps' distances are based on the genetic linkage information, while physical maps use actual physical distances usually measured in number of base pairs.

Metrics details. Aquaculture is the fastest growing sector of food production worldwide. However, one of the major reasons limiting its effectiveness are infectious diseases among aquatic organisms resulting in vast economic losses. Fighting such infections with chemotherapy is normally used as a rapid and effective treatment. The rise of antibiotic resistance, however, is limiting the efficacy of antibiotics and creates environmental and human safety concerns due to their massive application in the aquatic environment. Bacteriophages are an alternative solution that could be considered in order to protect fish against pathogens while minimizing the side-effects for the environment and humans. Bioinformatics analysis of genomic data enables an in-depth characterization of phages and the choice of phages.

Genetic variation in prokaryotes

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Genetics of Microbes pp Cite as. The study of bacteriophages has had a crucial influence on many areas of genetics and molecular biology. Phages show great variation in structure, and examples of some of these are shown in Table 4. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content.

Essentials of Genetics - Chapter 8 - Genetic Analysis and Mapping in Bacteria and Bacteriophages.

Horizontal Gene Transfer

NCBI Bookshelf. Modern Genetic Analysis. New York: W. Freeman;

Bacteriophages phages are critical players in the dynamics and function of microbial communities and drive processes as diverse as global biogeochemical cycles and human health. Phages tend to be predators finely tuned to attack specific hosts, even down to the strain level, which in turn defend themselves using an array of mechanisms. However, to date, efforts to rapidly and comprehensively identify bacterial host factors important in phage infection and resistance have yet to be fully realized. Here, we globally map the host genetic determinants involved in resistance to 14 phylogenetically diverse double-stranded DNA phages using two model Escherichia coli strains K and BL21 with known sequence divergence to demonstrate strain-specific differences. Using genome-wide loss-of-function and gain-of-function genetic technologies, we are able to confirm previously described phage receptors as well as uncover a number of previously unknown host factors that confer resistance to one or more of these phages.

NCBI Bookshelf. Modern Genetic Analysis. New York: W.

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Genetic Analysis of Bacteriophages

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