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A watermark stored in a data file refers to a method for ensuring data integrity which combines aspects of data hashing and digital watermarking. Both are useful for tamper detection , though each has its own advantages and disadvantages. A typical data hash will process an input file to produce an alphanumeric string unique to the data file.

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Digital image watermarking: its formal model, fundamental properties and possible attacks

A watermark stored in a data file refers to a method for ensuring data integrity which combines aspects of data hashing and digital watermarking. Both are useful for tamper detection , though each has its own advantages and disadvantages. A typical data hash will process an input file to produce an alphanumeric string unique to the data file.

Should the file be modified, such as if one or more bit changes occur within this original file, the same hash process on the modified file will produce a different alphanumeric. Through this method, a trusted source can calculate the hash of an original data file and subscribers can verify the integrity of the data. The subscriber simply compares a hash of the received data file with the known hash from the trusted source.

This can lead to two situations: the hash being the same or the hash being different. If the hash results are the same, the systems involved can have an appropriate degree of confidence to the integrity of the received data.

On the other hand, if the hash results are different, they can conclude that the received data file has been altered. This process is common in P2P networks, for example the BitTorrent protocol.

Once a part of the file is downloaded, the data is then checked against the hash key known as a hash check. Upon this result, the data is kept or discarded.

Digital watermarking is distinctly different from data hashing. It is the process of altering the original data file, allowing for the subsequent recovery of embedded auxiliary data referred to as a watermark. A subscriber, with knowledge of the watermark and how it is recovered, can determine to a certain extent whether significant changes have occurred within the data file.

Depending on the specific method used, recovery of the embedded auxiliary data can be robust to post-processing such as lossy compression. If the data file to be retrieved is an image , the provider can embed a watermark for protection purposes. The process allows tolerance to some change, while still maintaining an association with the original image file.

Researchers have also developed techniques that embed components of the image within the image. This can help identify portions of the image that may contain unauthorized changes and even help in recovering some of the lost data. A disadvantage of digital watermarking is that a subscriber cannot significantly alter some files without sacrificing the quality or utility of the data.

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Watermark (data file)

With the development of information security, the traditional encryption algorithm for image has been far from ensuring the security of image in the transmission. The embedding positions of watermark are obtained from IAT, and the pixel values are embedded in carrier image by quantization embedding rules. Then, the watermark can be embedded in carrier image. In order to realize blind extraction of watermark, FSSVM model is used to find the embedding positions of watermark, and the pixel values are extracted by using quantization extraction rules. Through using improved Arnold inverse transformation for embedding positions, the watermark coordinates can be calculated, and the extraction of watermark is carried out. Compared with other watermarking techniques, the presented scheme can promote the security by adding more secret keys, and the imperceptibility of watermark is improved by introducing quantization rules. The experimental results show that the proposed method outperforms many existing methods against various types of attacks.

Digital watermarking is defined as the imperceptibly altering a work in order to embed information about that work. In the recent years copyright protection of digital content became a serious problem due to rapid development in technology. Watermarking is one of the alternatives to copyright-protection problem. Digital watermarking can be classified as visible and invisible. The visible watermarks are viewable to the normal eye such as bills, company logos and television channel logos etc.

discussed about advantages and disadvantages of these techniques. Keywords: Digital watermarking, spatial domain, frequency domain and wavelet domain.

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Metrics details. While formal definitions and security proofs are well established in some fields like cryptography and steganography, they are not as evident in digital watermarking research. A systematic development of watermarking schemes is desirable, but at present, their development is usually informal, ad hoc, and omits the complete realization of application scenarios.

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Placing images online displays your company's products or photographic work, but it could also leave you vulnerable to photo theft and misuse. Placing a watermark on your images may reduce thievery, but this practice is controversial among many photographers and creative professionals. Watermarking your photos offers some disadvantages, which you should consider before stamping all your professional images. One of the major complaints raised by photographers and viewers alike is the distraction a watermark can create within the image. Some photographers and companies place a large watermark across the middle of the image, verifying copyright but obscuring the subject of the photo.

Watermark (data file)

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