kaag and kreps drone warfare full pdf

Kaag And Kreps Drone Warfare Full Pdf

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Remote Killing and the Ethics of Drone Warfare

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Ethics of Drones

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New arrivals. Choice Outstanding Academic Title for One of the most significant and controversial developments in contemporary warfare is the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly referred to as drones. In the last decade, US drone strikes have more than doubled and their deployment is transforming the way wars are fought across the globe.

This chapter considers the ethical aspects of remote killing with drones through the just war doctrine, the psychology of distance and killing, the role of machines in warfare, and public consent to the covert use of force. American counter-terrorism against al Qaeda that includes the tactical use of drones generally follows the just war doctrine, but the vast distance between combatants and ease of sending in unmanned and robotic instruments lends itself to the increasing willingness to use force without public or legislative participation in overseas military operations. Many also fear the decline of martial virtues with the advent of remote controlled warfare and a video game mentality, though the current U. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available.

David Betz, Drone warfare. Some of the names on that list are American citizens. Increasingly, drones engage these targets remotely, not while they take part in active combat, nor even while in countries with which the United States is actively at war. Self-evidently, there are profound moral and legal questions which these efforts provoke, particularly as they seem now to be permanent features of a new global strategic reality poised ambiguously somewhere on the spectrum between war and not war. This book is an excellent primer on these

Human Judgment in Remote Warfare

This is an excerpt from Remote Warfare: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Get your free download from E-International Relations. But in remote warfare operations, who or what remains at a distance?

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Human Judgment in Remote Warfare

In the last decade, US drone strikes have more than doubled and their deployment is transforming the way wars are fought across the globe. Drone Warfare. John Kaag and Sarah Kreps.

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