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Pdf Of Quiz On Parliament And State Legislatures Grade Up

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We all know that India is a democratic country and the Parliament of India is the highest legislative body of India. By and large, the Indian Parliament structure is very similar to that of the British Parliament. You can also take our Online Mock Tests if you are preparing for the above-mentioned exams.

The Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964

How were deputies to the Constitutional Convention chosen? They were appointed by the legislatures of the different States. Were there any restrictions as to the number of deputies a State might send? Which State did not send deputies to the Constitutional Convention? Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Were the other twelve States represented throughout the Constitutional Convention?

In democratic countries such as South Africa, the legislature or Parliament plays a very important role. The members of Parliament are elected to represent the people of the country. They also act as the voice of the people. Parliament, therefore, is accountable to the people of South Africa. Every five years the people of South Africa get an opportunity to cast their votes for a new Parliament. Each new Parliament is numbered.

Chapter 15

In para 7 of Chapter VI of the First Five Year Plan, the Planning Commission have observed that no officer who does not have a reputation for honesty should be placed in a position in which there is considerable scope for discretion. The Government of India fully agree with this observation. While there is no intention that an officer should be penalized or condemned merely on hearsay evidence, it is necessary that all recommending authorities should, before recommending officers for responsible posts where there is considerable scope for discretion, take into account all relevant factors regarding their integrity and reputation for honesty and impartiality. This is, of course, not an entirely new principle and it has always been expected that the authorities concerned with posting and promotions should observe it in the ordinary course. In view, however, of the importance which both public opinion and Government attach to the maintenance of a high standard of integrity by Government servants, the Ministry of Finance etc. Both the All India Services Conduct Rules, and the Central Civil Services Conduct Rules, lay down inter alia that Government servants should, at all times, maintain absolute integrity and devotion to duty.

Today we will be covering a very important topic from the general knowledge section i. These notes will be helpful for you to get to know about basics of parliament of India. Hence, the Representation of People Act, There are usually three sessions. The budget session is the longest and winter is the shortest. While the 1st test of the test series is free, the complete pack costs Rs.

The power to enact laws is a primary power of Parliament. Parliament, however, frequently enacts legislation containing provisions which empower the executive government, or specified bodies or office-holders, or the judiciary, to make regulations or other forms of instruments which, provided that they are properly made, have the effect of law. The last is the statutorily-established term. This is law made by the executive government, by ministers and other executive office-holders, without parliamentary enactment. This situation has the appearance of a considerable violation of the principle of the separation of powers, the principle that laws should be made by the elected representatives of the people in Parliament and not by the executive government. The principle has been largely preserved, however, by a system for the parliamentary control of executive law-making.

Constitution questions and answers

When we solve the MCQs topic wise it help students in understanding the topic very deeply. So go through this quiz and evaluate yourself. Which of the following article of the Indian Constitution deals with the constitution of the Parliament of India?

The legislators in question were appointed as parliamentary secretaries to various ministries in the Delhi government. MPs and MLAs, as members of the legislature, hold the government accountable for its work. The intent is that there should be no conflict between the duties and interests of an elected member. Hence, the office of profit law simply seeks to enforce a basic feature of the Constitution- the principle of separation of power between the legislature and the executive.

What Parliament Does

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