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Why Walmart isn’t getting to play India’s $670 billion retail game

Within a domestic environment, businesses are affected by a combination of economic, legal and cultural factors specific to that domestic environment, or nation. A business can't necessarily control these factors, but it can work to respond to them appropriately. Despite its complications, domestic business is far simpler than international business. When it has a presence in multiple nations, a business must work to understand and adapt to each national or domestic environment in numerous aspects of business. Understanding each target market's preferences poses a challenge when operating in international markets. Firms may need to invest substantial resources in analyzing what customers from other countries are most likely to purchase, and how to market to them.

Sumitha R. Over the past few years, the growth of the Indian economy was enormous, mainly due to the increasing availability of resources. Today, India stands as the 5th largest retail market in the world. This growth of the retail industry has attracted a number of foreign countries to India. They have started looking at India as a profitable investment avenue.

India, being the country with the second most-population, has immense scope for retail expansion as along with time, urbanization and consumerism has also been increasing. Initially, India was conservative regarding FDI; it imposed restriction on foreign companies to limit their share in equity capital of their Indian subsidiaries but over the time Government of India gradually liberalized foreign investment in various sectors. In this paper, the author will analyze the impact of such decisions on the Retail sector in India with special emphasis on the activities of Wal-Mart in the retail sector. It is to be noted that foreign capital was already allowed in single-brand retailing and this was, therefore, an extension of that policy to multi-brand retailing. Notwithstanding the earlier forays of foreign retailers in the Indian markets, the debate over FDI in retailing has been going on for quite some time.

Fdi in single brand retail pdf editor

In this article, the writer takes it upon himself to tell the reader all they need to know about FDI in multi-brand retail, and its possible pros and cons. At the outset, it is crucial to broadly understand the policy framework within which Foreign Direct Investment in multi-brand retail will operate in India. The recent declaration in the BJP manifesto to disallow it notwithstanding. The salient features are —. Within this ambit, the positive and negative impact of FDI in multi-brand retail on various sectors of the Indian economy can be categorized into a simple supply-side and demand-side framework. An additional advantage would be the expansion of free trade with countries that expect India to be fully liberal with its policy environment in a rapidly globalizing world.

Author Name: megha There are different viewpoints on the impact of FDI in the retail sector in India, According to one Highly productive advantages of foreign direct investment have been constantly Advantages And Disadvantages.

17 Big Advantages and Disadvantages of Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign direct investment FDI It is direct investment into production or business in a country by a company in another country, either by buying a company in the target country or by expanding operations of an existing business in that country. Consumer will gets commodities of daily use at reduce price. So do you want India to become a center where we allow foreign companies to come and set up there larger chain which eventually instead of selling domestic products out sourcing internationally reatil source and they source from cheapest source. NOw coming to the conclusion , goverment is taking this decision in good faith few person and lobbies controlling the rate of food commodities in India and bring more comptition in market will bring better price for buyer as well as seller commodities.

The Impact Of Foreign Direct Investment In The Retail Sector

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