glossary of investment terms and definitions pdf

Glossary Of Investment Terms And Definitions Pdf

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List of definitions of terms and concepts used in stock exchanges. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Glossary of common terms

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to personalize your user experience on our site and perform site analytics. Sign in Register. Our glossary of industry terms is one of the most visited sections of our website. The glossary covers commercial real estate terms and financial market terms, as well as terms specific to the institutional real estate world. Above building standard Upgraded finishes and specialized designs necessary to accommodate a tenant's requirements. Absorption rate The rate at which rentable space is filled. Gross absorption is a measure of the total square feet leased over a specified period with no consideration given to space vacated in the same geographic area during the same time period.

A ratio spread created by buying a greater number of calls puts with the higher lower strike and selling a lesser number of calls puts with a lower higher strike. Backspreads often bring in a net credit of premium, and for limited periods, can offer attractive gains with only moderate loss on time premium. Pdf in our Reports Archive. Financial statement that lists the assets, liabilities, and shareholder's equity as of a specific date. Net income divided by the weighted average number of common shares outstanding during a period. This calculation is required by the Financial Accounting Standards Board for all years ending after December 15, A basic bear spread is a combination of buying a higher strike put or call, but not both in the same spread and writing a lower strike put or call.

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Glossary of terms

No k help center would be complete without a guide to the industry specific terminology associated with retirement plans. Untangle the jargon and learn what the insiders know. Courtesy of the IRS, this alphabetical index provides information on a variety of retirement plan topics. Menu Close. Glossary of Terms. Terminology No k help center would be complete without a guide to the industry specific terminology associated with retirement plans.

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The ability to use derivatives, arbitrage techniques and, more importantly, short selling - selling assets that one does not own with the expectation of buying them back at a lower price — affords alternative investment managers rich possibilities to generate growth in falling, rising and unstable markets. Asset allocation - The structure of a portfolio - namely the allocation of specific portions of it across different assets classes, i. Assets under management - Includes all investments, including cash, which are managed and administered by a fund manager for itself and its customers. Downside risk - Downside risk is a similar measure to Volatility, except that this statistic calculates an average return for only the periods where return was lower than zero or another benchmark rate and then measures the variation of only these "losing" periods around the calculated average.



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Glossary of terms

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