pressure transient formation and well testing pdf

Pressure Transient Formation And Well Testing Pdf

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Pressure-Transient Behavior in a Multilayered Polymer Flooding Reservoir

A new well-test model is presented for unsteady flow in multizone with crossflow layers in non-Newtonian polymer flooding reservoir by utilizing the supposition of semipermeable wall and combining it with the first approximation of layered stable flow rates, and the effects of wellbore storage and skin were considered in this model and proposed the analytical solutions in Laplace space for the cases of infinite-acting and bounded systems. Finally, the stable layer flow rates are provided for commingled system and crossflow system in late-time radial flow periods. Many reservoirs are formed from layers of different physical properties because of the different geological deposition rotary loops. Among them, if these layers do not communicate in terms of fluid flow through the formation but may be produced by the same wellbore, these types of reservoir are called commingled systems ; if there exits fluid that connects between these layers, they are referred to as crossflow systems. The pressure-transient behavior depends on the comprehensive properties of these multilayers.

The problem facing the exploration and production teams, with the discoveries of new fields, is the insufficiency of accurate and appropriate data to work with due to different sources of errors. The well-test analyst does the work without reliable set of data from the field, thus, resulting in many errors, which may consequently cause damage and unnecessary financial losses, as well as opportunity losses to the project. This paper analyzes and interprets the noisy production rate and pressure data with problematic mechanical damage using a deconvolution method. Deconvolution showed improvement in simulation results in detecting the boundaries. Also, high-risk area analysis with different methods being applied to get the best set of results needed for subsequent operations. Information collected during well testing usually consists of flow rates, pressure patterns, temperature data and fluid samples Sulaiman and Hashim

Transient pressure analysis for vertical oil exploration wells: a case of Moga field

In this paper, we present semi-analytical pressure transient solutions for vertically slotted-limited entry or partially penetrated vertical wells. These solutions are needed for interpretation of the pressure transient tests conducted with the Wireline Formation Testing vertically slotted-packer configuration, and in wells with vertically slotted-liner completions. These slots have limited size openings and are vertically placed on a non-permeable cylindrical wellbore in a porous medium. The fluid from the formation is produced through these slots into the wellbore. Pressure transient solutions are not readily available for the uniform pressure boundary condition on the surface of the slots because such a condition creates a mixed boundary value problem, which is difficult to solve.

Pressure transient testing

This reference presents a comprehensive description of flow through porous media and solutions to pressure diffusion problems in homogenous, layered, and heterogeneous reservoirs. It covers the fundamentals of interpretation techniques for formation tester pressure gradients, and pretests, multiprobe and packer pressure transient tests, including derivative, convolution, and pressure-rate and pressure-pressure deconvolution. We are always looking for ways to improve customer experience on Elsevier.

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Using current analysis techniques to evaluate your data? Our consultants combine well test pressure transient and advanced decline rate transient analysis to better understand your conventional and unconventional shale reservoirs. Upstream professionals rely on us to:.

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