experiments in heat transfer and thermodynamics pdf

Experiments In Heat Transfer And Thermodynamics Pdf

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Josh Nuesch. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Janna All Rights Reserved. No part of this manual may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transcribed in any form or by any means—electronic, magnetic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise— without the prior written consent of William S.

Cleaning The Heat Transfer Laboratory experiments are the lab is your responsibility as a user of the set up so that experiments can be performed to equipment. This is an act of courtesy that students complement the theoretical information taught who follow you will appreciate, and that you in the heat transfer lecture course. Thus topical will appreciate when you work with the areas have been identified and labeled as Course equipment. Learning Outcomes CLOs.

Identify safe operating practices and resolving a variety of conflicting problems. These requirements for laboratory experiments include traffic flow, emergency facilities, 2. Measure temperature with a thermocouple. Perform one dimensional conduction etc. The goal is to implement safety requirements experiment s. Perform multidimensional conduction adequate work space and necessary informal experiment. Perform transient conduction experiment.

Distance between adjacent pieces of 6. Perform forced convection experiment. Perform natural convection experiment. Perform radiation experiment. Function effectively as a member of a team apparatus of interest. Immediate access to the Safety Cabinet and the Fire Extinguisher is also considered. However, waste materials are by. Equipment in the lab is delicate and each generated periodically and they should be piece is used extensively for 2 or 3 weeks per disposed of properly.

During the remaining time, each Not infrequently, specimens under study are apparatus just sits there, literally collecting dust. The student is University housekeeping staff are not required to advised to use caution when conducting clean and maintain the equipment. Instead, there experiments that involve heated surfaces, are college technicians who will work on the because usually there is no visual indication that equipment when it needs repair, and when they a specimen is hot.

There is unmistakably attention. It is important, however, that the only one, clearly marked exit in this laboratory. In case of fire, exit the lab to the equipment that uses water or air as the working hallway. After closing the door, take the stairs fluid. In some cases, performing an experiment down to first floor, and leave the building. If no one cleaned up wall of lab adjacent to the door. In case of their working area after performing an personal injury, the appropriate item should be experiment, the lab would not be a comfortable or taken from the supply cabinet and used in the safe place to work in.

No student appreciates recommended fashion. If the injury is serious walking up to and working with a piece of enough to require professional medical attention, equipment that another student or group of the student s should contact the Mechanical students has left in a mess. Cleanup will include removal positive, clean, safety conscious atmosphere. The lab should always be as clean victims of, hazardous situations.

They are, therefore, d. Students are, g. Alteration or authorities. The Student or carrying out other assignments; Handbook is quite specific regarding the course of action to be taken by an instructor in cases where c.

If some extraneous and sx is the precision index of the sample. More difficult is mean value and a new precision index can then be the common situation in which no explanation is calculated from the remaining measurements. No readily available. In such situations, the further application of the criterion to the sample experimenter may be tempted to discard the is allowed.

On the other hand, one does not want an erroneous are clearly errors and should be discarded for the value to bias the results. In this case, a analysis. Such values are called outliers.

The statistical criterion must be used to identify constant C may be obtained from Table 3. Note points that can be considered for rejection. After running an experiment, sort the an acceptable scatter, in a statistical sense, outcomes from lowest to highest value. The criterion states that all data the bottom of the list. In other words, data deviation. This is illustrated in Figure 4.

Reject Reject data data Example 5. The scale readings in grams are as xi shown in Table 4. We might tend to distributed about the mean can be related to a disregard it. However, what if the reading was maximum deviation dmax away from the mean by 2. For the given determine if any of the readings can be discarded. Thus in row 1, we calculate 5 1. We then add these to obtain the value 10 1. This value is then divided by n —1 25 2.

Data obtained in a series of experiments. The 2 2. Thus for the data of the example, the 4. All We apply the methodology described earlier. The last two columns The results of the calculations are shown in Table show the results of calculations made 5: without data point The mean becomes 2. Values in the table are already sorted. Column 1 shows the reading number, and there are 10 readings of mass, as indicated in column 2.

We calculate the mean and standard deviation. The data in column 2 are added to obtain a total of Dividing this value by 10 readings gives 2. Calculations summary for the data of Table 4. Number, n reading in g x— — xi 2 remove 10 x— — xi 2 1 2. Second, the report otherwise. The report should be written in such a should be well organized. The reader should be way that anyone can duplicate the experiment able to easily follow each step discussed in the and obtain the same results as the originator.

The text. Third, the report should contain accurate reports should be simple and clearly written. This will require checking and rechecking Reports are due one week after the experiment the calculations until accuracy can be guaranteed.

Fourth, the report should be free of spelling and The report should communicate several ideas grammatical errors. Following is a summary of to the reader. First the report should be neatly the key elements in a well written, formal done. The experimenter is in effect trying to laboratory report. Details regarding each of convince the reader that the experiment was these elements are also provided. A The report should be no more than one page front poorly written report might instead lead the and back long.

Summarize your outcome, graphs and tables, sample calculation. The made, how they work, and how to use them to notation indicates that the voltage E AB is a make measurements of temperature. The A thermocouple is described as a device that variation of the Seebeck coefficient with uses an electrical potential to obtain a temperature is given in Figure 1. However, it should be remembered that we are actually measuring a EAB q temperature difference with the open circuit metal B voltage.

Open circuit voltage in a thermocouples.

Heat Transfer Test Pdf

Popcorn Heat Transfer Experiment Its working process is: the measured refrigerant starts from the reservoir and is pumped into the pre-heater preheat, then enters the test section for experi-. The rate of heat transfer depends upon the temperature gradient and the thermal conductivity of the material. A metallic rod is heated at one end with a Bunsen burner. Objective 3. Where fast way to transfer heat means, at a given time you want to transfer more amount of heat. Purdue's School of Mechanical Engineering conducts world-class research in robotics, automotive, manufacturing, rocket and jet propulsion, nanotechnology, and much more.

Experiments in Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics

It has been shown that we learn by doing. Perhaps engineering studentsespecially will better understand the principles of heat transfer and thermo-dynamics by conducting experiments and seeing results. This book presents a collection of experiments in heat transfer and thermo-dynamics contributed by leading engineering educators. The experiments havebeen tested, evaluated, and proved to be successful for classroom use. Theyare fun and challenging.

Benchtop apparatus with a control and instrument unit for studies into the principles and performance of heat exchangers. Trolley mounted, mobile apparatus that demonstrates forced convection in pipes and heat transfer theory. Illustrates the derivation of the value of Nusselt number, determination of the Stanton number and determination of the validity of the Reynolds analogy for air.

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Perhaps engineering students especially will better understand the principles of heat transfer and thermo- dynamics by conducting experiments and seeing results. This book presents a collection of experiments in heat transfer and thermo- dynamics contributed by leading engineering educators. The experiments have been tested, evaluated, and proved to be successful for classroom use. They are fun and challenging. Each experiment follows a similar step-by-step format, which includes the objective of the experiment, apparatus needed, procedure, suggested head- ings, and references. The experiments use apparatus that is easily built or obtained.

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