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Types Of Footing And Their Uses Pdf

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Types of Foundation for Buildings and their Uses [PDF]

Footing is one of the most important parts of a structure which transfers loads of a structure to the underlying soil. The selection of suitable types of footing generally depends on the following factors:. Strip footing is a component of shallow foundation which distributes the weight of a load-bearing wall across the area of the ground. It is also known as wall footing. This type of footing is commonly used as foundations of load-bearing walls where the soil is of good bearing capacity. As the name suggests, a spread is given under the base of the foundation so that the load of the structure is distributed on wide area of the soil in such a way that the safe bearing capacity of the soil is not exceeded.

Types Of Footings Used In Building Construction

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When a depth of foundation is less than the width of foundation then it is known as Shallow Foundation. Generally, shallow foundation placed no more than 6 ft depth from the lowest finished floor. The shallow foundation has a minimum depth of about mm and the maximum depth, not more than 4 meters the ground. Footings are the important structural element which transfers the load of column, beam, slab and retaining structures to the soil safely. It is one of the simplest and worldwide popular types of foundation. An isolated footing is mostly used to support a single column.

Types of Foundation

Foundation is one of the essential parts of the structure. It is defined as that part of the structure that transfers the load from the structure constructed on it as well as its weight over a large area of soil in such a way that the amount does not exceed the ultimate bearing capacity of the soil and the settlement of the whole structure remains within a tolerable limit. Foundation is the part of a structure on which the building stands.

Surely everyone knows it is the essential part of the structure which transfers its overall load upon an area of soil. However, the load should not exceed the ultimate bearing capacity of the soil. The primary purpose of the foundation to make the structure stable and resist the structure from vertical and lateral forces.

Types Of Footings Used In Building Construction

The foundation distributes the load over a large area. So that pressure on the soil does not exceed its allowable bearing capacity and restricts the settlement of the structure within the permissible limits. Foundation increases the stability of the structure. The settlement of the structure should be as uniform as possible and it should be within the tolerable limits. Think for a Two storeyed building how much concrete needed? How much quantity of bars needed? Depending on Soil bearing capacity of a particular location.

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Types of Foundation and Footings & Their Uses in Building Construction

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Types of Foundation

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