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Early appearances of Morgan do not elaborate her character beyond her role as a goddess, a fay , a witch , or a sorceress, generally benevolent and related to King Arthur as his magical saviour and protector. Her prominence increased over time, as did her moral ambivalence, and in some texts there is an evolutionary transformation of her to an antagonist , particularly as portrayed in cyclical prose such as the Lancelot-Grail and the Post-Vulgate Cycle. A significant aspect in many of Morgan's medieval and later iterations is the unpredictable duality of her nature, with potential for both good and evil. Her character may have been rooted in Welsh mythology as well as other earlier myths and historical figures.

Artorius Dux Belloram

Glastonbury has more more to offer than play host to an annual music festival; its also home to the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey. Reputed to The Discovery of King Arthur - an oldie but goodie; a s edition of which was Kim Headlee's introduction to historical Arthurian studies. I had been asked by a publisher to consider writing a history of Bristol and the West Country. There are lots of books published about this part of England, so I said that I would only do it if I felt there was something new to be said. I started reading around the subject to see what areas of novelty or re-discovery might be open. It was then that I came across Sixteenth Century….

By some miracle she still had her purse, their money. His mother climbed in the middle and Silas sat by the door, which was cold. Still, he pressed against it, shivering, his feet cold in his socks. They all full by now, the decent ones anyway. When he opened them it was warmer, his socked feet dry under the heater, and he heard Alice talking again, her chatting no longer afraid, she was happy because Charles was driving them all the way to wherever they were going. Only two candles were lit, one at either end of the mantel-shelf.

Matter of Britain

The Matter of Britain is the body of Medieval literature and legendary material associated with Great Britain and Brittany , and the legendary kings and heroes associated with it, particularly King Arthur. It was one of the three great story cycles recalled repeatedly in medieval literature, together with the Matter of France , which concerned the legends of Charlemagne , and the Matter of Rome , which included material derived from or inspired by classical mythology. The name distinguishes and relates the Matter of Britain from the mythological themes taken from classical antiquity , the " Matter of Rome ", and the tales of the Paladins of Charlemagne and their wars with the Moors and Saracens , which constituted the " Matter of France ". King Arthur is the chief subject of the Matter of Britain, along with stories related to the legendary kings of Britain , as well as lesser-known topics related to the history of Great Britain and Brittany , such as the stories of Brutus of Troy , Coel Hen , Leir of Britain King Lear , and Gogmagog. The legendary history of Britain was created partly to form a body of patriotic myth for the country. Several agendas thus can be seen in this body of literature.


Foreword by Allan Massie. London: Dent, ; New York: Routledge, White says of his anthology that its ninety-six selections show 'how the Arthurian legend developed over a period ofover five hundred years' xvi. The selections actually cover almost a millennium; they range from Gildas c. They appear in seven chronologically-ordered sections: 'Early Works' Gildas through William of Malmesbury, c.

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King Arthur in legend and history

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What a wonderful course! I cannot write a thorough review as we watched the first six lectures and were very put off by the e… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog. I just came to the end of this lecture series and was astounded that it went by so quickly.

Part of the pre-release publicity blitz accompanying the film King Arthur 1 was The Quest for King Arthur 2 , an independently produced documentary aired by the History Channel in the weeks preceding the release of the Hollywood film. This version of the documentary unlike the original version, available for purchase on the History Channel website includes supplemental narration provided by Ioan Gruffudd, the actor who plays Lancelot in the film. The documentary, in turn, was promoted by a supplement included in The New York Times. This composite text—the film and its promotional trailers , the documentary, and the ad for the documentary—reflects a shared vision of the truth: Arthur the historical and real Man must be rediscovered, to replace Arthur the fictional and unreal Myth. This tension is revealed as the two inner pages of the four-page newspaper insert present a series of short blurbs to describe the legends of King Arthur and their transformations over the centuries. And each generation, for several centuries, got the Arthur it needed. Unable to display preview.

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