glow discharge processes sputtering and plasma etching pdf

Glow Discharge Processes Sputtering And Plasma Etching Pdf

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The aim of this paper is to obtain an extensive experimental characterization of a DC magnetron sputtering device used for plasma processing of materials. Models and measurements are combined for an interdisciplinary characterization of a DC magnetron sputtering device.

Physics of Glow Discharge Plasmas and Plasma/Surface Interactions During Thin Film Growth

Plasma etching is a form of plasma processing used to fabricate integrated circuits. It involves a high-speed stream of glow discharge plasma of an appropriate gas mixture being shot in pulses at a sample. The plasma source, known as etch species, can be either charged ions or neutral atoms and radicals. During the process, the plasma generates volatile etch products at room temperature from the chemical reactions between the elements of the material etched and the reactive species generated by the plasma. Eventually the atoms of the shot element embed themselves at or just below the surface of the target, thus modifying the physical properties of the target. A plasma is a high energetic condition in which a lot of processes can occur. These processes happen because of electrons and atoms.

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Characterization of a DC magnetron sputtering device

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Glow discharge processes. Sputtering and plasma etching. admin | January 30, | Mathematics Categories: Physics Plasma Physics. Year: Publisher.

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Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Glow discharge processes; Sputtering and plasma etching. Article :. Date of Publication: May First Page of the Article.

Hollow cathode discharge: application of a deposition treatment in the iron sintering. I brunatto ufpr. The influence of a previous deposition treatment on the final amount of alloying elements Cr and Ni deposited and diffused into the surface of iron parts sintered in hollow cathode discharge HCD was studied. Cylindrical pure iron pressed samples, being a central cathode, were placed concentrically in the interior of an AISI steel machine-made outer cathode, resulting in a 6 mm inter-cathode radial spacing. The electrical discharge was generated using a pulsed voltage power source. The results indicate the presence of 6. Keywords: hollow cathode discharge, plasma sintering, alloying elements deposition, sputtering.

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Characterization of a DC magnetron sputtering device

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