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A brazen and sophisticated computer intrusion into the records of over million Americans launched from computer hackers based in China led to recent criminal prosecutions under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. The Constitution grants Congress broad powers to enact laws with extraterritorial scope. Increasingly, U.

Extraterritorial Application of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

The currency "laws in effect" date does not reflect acts for which classification has not been finalized. B information from any department or agency of the United States; or. B intentionally accesses a protected computer without authorization, and as a result of such conduct, recklessly causes damage; or. C intentionally accesses a protected computer without authorization, and as a result of such conduct, causes damage and loss. B threat to obtain information from a protected computer without authorization or in excess of authorization or to impair the confidentiality of information obtained from a protected computer without authorization or by exceeding authorized access; or.

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, also known as the CFAA, is the federal anti-hacking statute that prohibits unauthorized access to computers and networks. In , the world was just emerging from its digital Dark Age. CompuServe, the world's first commercial email provider, was still trying to interest users in its fledgling service, and computer viruses and worms were still largely the stuff of engineering-school pranks. But even through the foggy haze of the internet's early days, lawmakers saw clearly the importance that computers and computer crime would have on society. The federal anti-hacking statute prohibits unauthorized access to computers and networks and was enacted to expand existing criminal laws to address a growing concern about computer crimes.

As technology advances, the use of the criminal law to regulate conduct using such technology also advances. Perceptions concerning the role of technology in both traditional and high-tech criminal conduct prompted Congress to enact the first federal computer crime law thirty years ago. Increases in computer availability and mainstream usage, however, have propelled government regulation of computer conduct into overdrive. Over the course of thirty years, federal computer crimes went from non-existent to touching on every aspect of computer activity for intensive and occasional users alike. Over the years, it has been amended several times, most recently in , to cover a broad range of conduct far beyond its original intent.

Extraterritorial Application of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Use of this form does not establish an attorney-client relationship. As a next step, you will hear from a client specialist. Learn more. With offices in Washington, D. See full list. The CADCFAA was a criminal law which prohibited individuals from accessing government computers and certain financial records at financial institutions.

This manual examines the federal laws that relate to computer crimes. Our focus is on those crimes that Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), enacted by Congress in , which amended. 18 U.S.C. § In any event, if a.

Hacker Lexicon: What Is the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act?

Section 11 of the Atomic Energy Act of , referred to in subsec. Section n of title 15 , referred to in subsec. The Fair Credit Reporting Act , referred to in subsec. For complete classification of this Act to the Code, see Short Title note set out under section of Title 15 and Tables.

The law prohibits accessing a computer without authorization, or in excess of authorization. The original bill was enacted in response to concern that computer-related crimes might go unpunished. The CFAA was written to extend existing tort law to intangible property , while, in theory, limiting federal jurisdiction to cases "with a compelling federal interest—i. In addition to amending a number of the provisions in the original section , the CFAA also criminalized additional computer-related acts.

Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986

It is a cyber security law. It protects federal computers, bank computers, and computers connected to the Internet. It shields them from trespassing, threats, damage, espionage, and from being corruptly used as instruments of fraud.

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