enlargement and reduction in technical drawing pdf

Enlargement And Reduction In Technical Drawing Pdf

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For example, they have a printout of a plan that is on a small sheet, say size 8. Well, they want that same page enlarged to the full scale that it was originally. This sample works only as long as the proportions are in tact.

I have a sheet that is not to scale, but I want it to scale

Enlargement and reduction of maps. In the process of compiling maps cartographers are often required to either reduce or enlarge maps. Reduction or enlargement involves change in the size. An enlargement provides the same map but proportionally larger than the original. A reduction gives the same map that is proportionally smaller than the original. The amount that an original image has been enlarged or reduced is called a scale factor, or an enlargement or reduction factor. It is the constant factor by which all dimensions of an object are enlarged or reduced in a map.

Beginning at R. This construction works equally well for reducing the size of a plane figure. These constructions are practical only if the figure which has to be enlarged or reduced has straight sides. If the outline is irregular, a different approach is needed. The change in size is determined by the two grids. A grid of known size is drawn over the first face and then another grid, similar to the first and at the required scale, is drawn alongside. Both grids are marked off.

Enlarging and Reducing Drawings

Pantograph , instrument for duplicating a motion or copying a geometric shape to a reduced or enlarged scale. It consists of an assemblage of rigid bars adjustably joined by pin joints; as the point of one bar is moved over the outline to be duplicated, the motion is translated to a point on another bar, which makes the desired copy according to the predetermined scale. Joint O is fixed to a support, while joints A, B, and C are free to move. Link 5 is a solid bar continuing on to Q. Point P is the guided point and is usually fixed on link 4. As P is guided on a specific path, such as the square in the Figure , point Q will follow a similar path on an enlarged scale. Conversely, if point Q is guided, point P will follow a similar path on a reduced scale.

An object is enlarged when all of its dimensions are changed in the same ratio. Thus, enlargement is also called transformation. Each length of the objects is multiplied by the same number called scale factor to obtain the enlargement. By pm Dec. Toggle navigation.

Scale allows us to understand the relationship between a representation - a drawing or model - and reality. Being able to draw accurately to scale, and to shift fluidly between scales, is one of the most important aspects of architectural drawing and spatial design. But when we say a drawing is 'to scale', we usually don't just mean that the proportions correct. Rather, we are often trying to confirm that what we are looking at is shown at a common scale, one that we know and understand, so that we can translate the spatial qualities in our mind and imagine occupying the spaces. For example, a drawing might be at said one to one hundred. I'll give you more information on how to use ratios later in this post. Or skip down to ' doing the maths ' if you can't wait!

Resize (Enlarge or Reduce) Elements

Drawing-boards and clips. T squares, set squares, pencils, rulers metric , erasers, compasses, dividers, radius gauges, protractors, scale rulers metric , layout of paper, title blocks, lettering, types of lines, plane geometry. Circles: Center lines, parts of a circle segment, sectors, chords, tangents and normal.

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Scale Factor of Similar Figures Worksheets

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