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Transport Of Solute And Sugar Translocation In Plants Pdf

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Water potential is the measure of potential energy in water and drives the movement of water through plants.

Translocation is the process within plants that functions to deliver nutrients and other molecules over long distances throughout the organism. Translocation occurs within a series of cells known as the phloem pathway, or phloem transport system, with phloem being the principal food-conducting tissue in vascular plants. Nutrients are translocated in the phloem as solutes in a solution called phloem sap. The predominant nutrients translocated are sugars, amino acids, and minerals, with sugar being the most concentrated solute in the phloem sap.

Sugar Transport in Plants: Phloem

The pressure flow hypothesis , also known as the mass flow hypothesis , is the best-supported theory to explain the movement of sap through the phloem. This creates turgor pressure, also known as hydrostatic pressure , in the phloem. Movement of phloem sap occurs by bulk flow mass flow from sugar sources to sugar sinks. The movement in phloem is bidirectional, whereas, in xylem cells, it is unidirectional upward. Because of this multi-directional flow, coupled with the fact that sap cannot move with ease between adjacent sieve-tubes, it is not unusual for sap in adjacent sieve-tubes to be flowing in opposite directions. During the plant's growth period, usually during the spring, storage organs such as the roots are sugar sources, and the plant's many growing areas are sugar sinks. After the growth period, when the meristems are dormant, the leaves are sources, and storage organs are sinks.

The information below was adapted from OpenStax Biology Plants need an energy source to grow. In growing plants, photosynthates sugars produced by photosynthesis are produced in leaves by photosynthesis, and are then transported to sites of active growth where sugars are needed to support new tissue growth. Many plants lose leaves and stop photosynthesizing over the winter. At the start of the growing season, they rely on stored sugars to grown new leaves to begin photosynthesis again. Locations that produce or release sugars for the growing plant are referred to as sources.

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Translocation of Solutes in Plants (With Diagram)

The below mentioned article provides an overview on the translocation of solutes in plants. According to the classical concept inorganic solute substances are carried in the xylem vessels with the ascending sap of water in the transpiration stream whereas phloem is the pathway of downward translocation of organic solutes synthesised foods like sugars, amino acids, etc. The classical concept of movement-of inorganic solutes upwards through the xylem is unquestionably true but it is difficult to estimate with certainty the proportion of mineral salts thus translocated. Any solute conducted through the xylem is carried along with the ascending streams of water which are pulled up through the plant by transpirational suction. The rates at which inorganic solutes are translocated through the xylem vessels correspond closely with the rates of translocation of water.

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Pressure flow hypothesis

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Photoassimilates are translocated via the phloem through essentially leaky instead of hermetically sealed pipes. of that in the phloem (Reprinted from Vascular transport in plants. (B) Solute loading in the collection phloem increases, which locally signalling, sink, sources, sugar transport, unloading.

30.6D: Transportation of Photosynthates in the Phloem

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