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Stratford International School J. Also, it will enable the students to develop their acting skills with emphasis on the development of the voice, articulation, and pronunciation of theater production.

Speech Communication and Theater Arts

Each item has its own set of criteria, which will be used for adjudication. The quality and suitability of material chosen will be taken into consideration during assessment. Incorrect information may lead to disqualification. Time limits will be enforced. These are listed under each item heading. Introductions, setting the scene and endings are an integral part of the performance and will be included in adjudication.

Therefore props and settings should be kept simple, so that they are easy to rig and dismantle within the specified time. Where indicated, a copy of participant s work must be handed in at registration see each individual item. No teacher participation will be permitted during performances. No prejudicial material, derogatory language, costumes or gestures will be tolerated. All props, stage blocks and costumes are the participant's own responsibility.

Movement, gestures, props and costumes should be used to enhance, and not detract, from the meaning and feeling of the work. Electronic equipment should only be used when absolutely necessary and is forbidden for certain items see each individual item.

Stage blocks and chairs used during performances, must be returned backstage left, up against the wall, where they will not pose any danger to members. This may lead to disqualification of the participant. Re-adjudication will not be allowed. A copy of the poem must be presented at registration. The limited use of props is permitted. Clothing should be black and close-fitting and no footwear is allowed. The only admissible props are stage blocks. Aids, such as posters, charts and objects, must be an integral part of the speech.

Electronic equipment will not be allowed. The use of live animals is not encouraged as they are extremely vulnerable to stress.

The speech must be memorised and presented solely by the participant. Aids such as posters, charts and objects, must be an integral part of the speech. These should be point form, on postcard-sized cards. A public speech should entertain, inform, motivate, persuade or express a point of view.

Members are encouraged to draw on imagery, poetry, movement and sound effects. The limited use of songs, other languages, musical and percussion instruments will be allowed.

The use of props and costumes is permitted, but must not detract from the story. The extract must be appropriate to their age and experience. The selection must be introduced and must include dialogue. Members should dress in black and may make use of one symbolic item of clothing, e.

A copy of the material must be presented at registration. The piece may be the participant's own work. Please make clear mention of this. The participant should introduce and set the scene. The use of props and costumes is permitted, but must not detract from the work. Three different dramatic genres must be used, with the emphasis on audible and distinct speech. Costume, make-up, lighting and props are optional. The theme and an outline of the work must be presented at registration.

Creativity is encouraged, and one or more of the following may be included:- speech; movement; mime; song; dance; rap; masks; puppets; props; costumes. Sound effects may be used. Electronic equipment should be kept to a minimum. Limited use of music is permitted, as is the use of percussion instruments. A workshop set may be used, e. This passage will include dialogue. Reading fluency, voice projection, clarity of speech, correct enunciation, audibility, intonation and eye contact will be assessed.

Cue cards may be prepared during this time but members will be penalised for merely reading the speech. A signal will be given to indicate time limits. Actions and movement may be used, but should not detract from the meaning and feeling of the piece. Props and costumes may be used. Simple sets are recommended because the allocated time includes setting up and striking the stage. No pre-recorded sound effects or sound tracks may be used.

The piece must be memorised and may not be directed by a conductor. The allocated time includes setting up the stage, so simple sets are recommended.

Groups are encouraged to present original work, which can be inspired by current issues, personal experience, existing literature or imagination. Creativity is encouraged, and one or more of the following may be included: speech, movement, dialogue, mime, song, dance, rap, masks, puppets, props and costumes.

Material must cover 3 or 4 different genres, i. The emphasis is on speech, which must be audible and distinct. Costumes, make-up, lighting and props are optional. A copy of the sequence must be presented at registration. The adjudicator will suggest the first line of the story, and will then indicate when a change in storyteller is to occur. Each participant must continue the story line, with the final participant concluding the story at the end of the second round. Members should attempt to make the story well structured, with a logical development and a clear ending.

Preparation time of 20 minutes will be given for each group. The poem must be written and organised for presentation within this time frame. The poem need not be longer than 10 lines and must be presented by the whole group. Groups will be evaluated on imagination and originality, choice of words, delivery and presentation. The group will be evaluated on imagination, originality, delivery, presentation, content and relevance of material.

Do you enjoy: Expressing yourself in an active and exciting way? Working in a group? Contributing your. Young Performers Certificates Designed to develop confidence, group interaction skills and a sense of achievement in children up to the age of seven.

Unit 3: Acting Skills Level: 1 and 2 Unit type: Optional specialist Guided learning hours: 60 Assessment type: Internal Unit introduction Do you know what kind of training every actor needs in order to.

Standard 2: Demonstrate understanding of spoken. The Theatre Dictionary Have you ever wondered what some theatre terms mean? We thought we d help you and your students understand theatre terminology and clear up some of the confusion. Use it for either. Subject specific vocabulary version 2. Students should be familiar with and gain. Each event causes or leads to the next. Events of the plot reveal a problem called the conflict.

Write your answers clearly in. Library Media Industrial Arts Television Production 2 At the completion of Television 2, all students should be able to - Plan and produce a news package appropriate for airing on the school. Choose a story Prepare thoroughly Create a cozy atmosphere. Students will read.

Essential Question s : What. Activity 1A: Perceptions of Crime and Justice Students create and share poems that reflect their perceptions of crime and justice. They are introduced to the components and goals of the criminal justice.

This performance is the sequel to our highly popular show, The 12 Days Of Christmas. Strand: Visual Arts Standard 1: Learn and develop skills and. Chapter Directing and Producing Playwright Producer Functions are distinct yet entwined Director Writing, producing, and directing come together in a variety of ways and meet in production Playwright.

Theme: South Africa our heritage Day 1 First ring Concept: South African symbols Participates in discussions and asks Listens and responds to simple Talks about pictures in posters, theme charts, books. Speaking and Listening Materials The speaking and listening materials consist of a teacher s handbook, a book of teaching objectives and classroom activities, a pack of leaflets and posters and a video. The Competent Communicator Manual Speech 1: The Ice Breaker For your first speech project, you will introduce yourself to your fellow club members and give them some information about your background,.

Read closely to determine what the text says explicitly and to make logical inferences from it; cite specific textual evidence when writing or speaking to support conclusions drawn from the text.

Certificate in Voice and Speech for the Actor

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. A glance through the Table of Contents will demonstrate the many categories comprising the fields of Speech Communication and Theatre. The thesis and dissertation titles which have been categorized appeared between the years and For those titles which could readily have been placed into more than one category, we did our best to pick the category which seemed to represent the main thrust of the work.

COURSE TITLE: Speech and Stage Arts G. COURSE DESCRIPTION: Examines the process of oral communications and the various forms of speech arts from.


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Each item has its own set of criteria, which will be used for adjudication. The quality and suitability of material chosen will be taken into consideration during assessment. Incorrect information may lead to disqualification. Time limits will be enforced.

In both my work as an editor and an educator I aim to help my clients and students discover and celebrate their voices. Speech arts is a wide-reaching discipline that includes speech writing and public speaking; improvisation; storytelling; literary analysis; and the dynamic and effective performance of poetry, prose, and drama. Speech arts includes the study of vocal variety, body language and physicality, eye focus, characterization, and emotional awareness, in addition to speech structure and the organization of ideas. Speech arts studies help individuals to gain the skills and techniques that will enable them to become more confident speakers in intimate and in public settings, and give them an increased awareness of the power and flexibility of their natural voices. The fear of public speaking has long been understood as the number one fear among individuals across society, and that kind of fear can make it difficult for even the most skilled, talented, and innovative individuals to take pride in their ideas.

Students who major in the program can pursue an emphasis in either speech communication or theater arts. Each concentration includes tracks of study designed to provide students with both a solid liberal arts foundation while preparing them for graduate work in all areas of speech communication and theater including rhetoric, communication studies and theory, interpersonal and small group communication, journalism and public relations, media studies, and theater. The major also prepares its graduates for a variety of professional career opportunities as well.

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Speech Arts
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