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Physics Terms And Definitions Pdf

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All Definitions Needed For A Level

A 2D GameObject The fundamental object in Unity scenes, which can represent characters, props, scenery, cameras, waypoints, and more. More info See in Glossary such as a tilemap A GameObject that allows you to quickly create 2D levels using tiles and a grid overlay. More info See in Glossary or sprite A 2D graphic objects. If you are used to working in 3D, Sprites are essentially just standard textures but there are special techniques for combining and managing sprite textures for efficiency and convenience during development. More info See in Glossary. More info. A form of parallel projection where the dimensions of a 3D object A 3D GameObject such as a cube, terrain or ragdoll.

IB physics definitions and explanations

Thank you for interesting in our services. We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. We need your help to maintenance this website. Please help us to share our service with your friends. Share Embed Donate. Fundamental Units — seven basic units of the SI measurement system: kilogram, second, mole, meter, ampere, Kelvin, candela. Derived Units — units that are combinations of fundamental units. 1. Glossary Physics (I-introduction) η - Efficiency: The percent of the work put into a machine that is converted into.


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This glossary of physics is a list of definitions of terms and concepts relevant to physics , its sub-disciplines, and related fields, including mechanics , materials science , nuclear physics , particle physics , and thermodynamics. For more inclusive glossaries concerning related fields of science and technology, see Glossary of chemistry terms , Glossary of astronomy , Glossary of areas of mathematics , and Glossary of engineering. Also called the V-number or constringence. Often abbreviated as amp. Also electronic amplifier or informally amp.

Access your student resources with This is a list of important chemistry vocabulary terms and their definitions. View Chemistry Online Lab Book. Understanding chemistry is necessary for individuals who are studying a wide variety of areas a. Matter is the substance of everything B.

Terminologies in Physics

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Mini Physics. This post contains all the important formulas that you need for A Level Physics. Equivalent to AP Physics If you do not recognise any of the terms listed here, you should go review the respective topic. Measurement : Random errors are errors of measurements in which the measured quantities differ from the mean value with different magnitudes and directions. Systematic errors are errors of measurements in which the measured quantities are displaced from the true value by fixed magnitude and in the same direction. Accuracy is a measure of how close the results of an experiment agree with the true value. Precision is a measure of how close the results of an experiment agree with each other.

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You may use your browser's Find command to search items in this Glossary. The value corresponding to the horizontal distance of a point on a graph from the Y axis. The X coordinate. The difference between a single measured value and the average of several measurements made in the same way. The actual difference between a measured value and its accepted value. The temperature of a body at which the kinetic energy of its molecules is at a minimum; O o K or A continuous spectrum interrupted by dark lines or bands that are characteristic of the medium through which the radiation has passed.

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IB Physics Definitions

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