main subject list of union state and concurrent list pdf

Main Subject List Of Union State And Concurrent List Pdf

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General Knowledge for IAS Exams (Union, State and Concurrent List)

Click Here. Defence of India 2. Naval, military and air forces; any other armed forces of the Union 2A. Deployment of any armed force of the Union in any state in aid of the civil power 3. Cantonment areas and local self-govermment in such areas 4.

The Indian constitution provides for a federal framework with powers legislative ,executive and financial divided between the center and the states. However, there is no division of judicial power as the constitution has established an integrated judicial system to enforce both the central laws as well as state law. The Indian federation is not the result of an agreement between independent units, and the units of Indian federation cannot leave the federation. Thus the constitution contains elaborate provisions to regulate the various dimensions of the relations between the centre and the states. Federalism is a system of government in which the same territory is controlled by two levels of government.

The Constitution of India is the supreme law governing the country. It frames fundamental political principles, procedures, practices, rights, powers, and duties of the government. The constitutional provisions in India on the subject of distribution of legislative powers between the Union and the States are defined under several articles and schedules. The seventh schedule under Article of the constitution deals with the division of powers between the union and the states. The union list details the subjects on which Parliament may make laws while the state list details those under the purview of state legislatures. The concurrent list on the other hand has subjects in which both Parliament and state legislatures have jurisdiction. However the Constitution provides federal supremacy to Parliament on concurrent list items in case of a conflict.

Concurrent List of the Indian Constitution

Click here for Paper I G. For queries, reach us on prestorming shankarias. Why in news? The Centre recently held discussions with states on the issue of bringing water into the Concurrent List of the Constitution. What is the current situation? What will happen due to the change? What is the need?

It divides all the subjects into 3 lists — Union List, State List , and Concurrent List the Union List describe the subjects under the control Centre Government, the State List describes the subjects under the jurisdiction of states being the Concurrent List describes the subjects which are under the joint jurisdiction of the Centre of States. The subjects which do not fall in these lists i. The Union List is the longest of the three lists. It lists 97 subjects on which the Union Parliament can pass laws. The effective strength of the Union List is now State List enumerates the subjects on which each State Legislature can legislate and such laws operate within the territory of each state. The main subjects of the State List are: public order, police, state court fees, prisons, local government, public health and sanitation, hospitals and dispensaries, pilgrimages within India, intoxicating liquors, relief of disabled and unemployable, libraries, communications, agriculture, animal husbandry, water supply, irrigation and canals, fisheries, road passenger tax and goods tax, capitation tax and others.

(2)State List

Topics Covered:. Concurrent List of the Indian Constitution. The Constitution of India has provided for a division of powers between the Central and state governments. Debate over Centralisation of power:.

Concurrent List

It includes the power to be considered by both the union and state government. Unlike the federal governments of the United States, Switzerland or Australia, residual powers remain with the Union Government , as with the Canadian federal government. Uniformity is desirable but not essential on items in the concurrent list.

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