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The Value of Youth to the Cause of God

This article focuses on two themes found in this first section of the document, tradition and social media, both of which challenge youth and provide opportunities. Sociologically, an ominous challenge youth face today is living in a cultural context of liquidity explained soon which deemphasizes tradition s and, moreover, promotes a social media that further undermines communal traditions. Arguably, more than non-Western peoples are facing this unravelling. One important and difficult challenge youth confront today, therefore, is maintaining traditions, both familial and religious, which previous generations especially the baby boomers let slip through their fingers. But how did traditions slip away? A friend recently said he was moving to North Carolina because he liked the area. I remember telling him I would miss him.

Which is the most difficult era of human life? Mature adulthood? It probably depends upon where you are as to how you might answer that query. Youth is a frustrating time in life. It is that period when one is hardly old enough to be on his own, and yet he is feeling a sense of independence. Youth ever are attempting to find some sense of identity; that is why they sometimes act and dress so weird.

7 Urgent Issues to Challenge in Your Youth Group!

Become a compassionate, creative, and courageous leader. Photo by Matheus Ferrero. Think about the last student who showed up at one of your youth ministry events for the first time. Did they come back? If not, why not? Introduce them to the rest of your students. Give them some candy.

Today the Christian youth movement is packed with camps, conventions, short-term missions trips, small groups, peer to peer evangelism ministries, after-school prayer sessions, and more. Organizations like Campus Crusade for Christ, Youth Specialties, Young Life, and others have emerged as guides and innovators in leading and discipling young people. Scholarship of youth and religion has also increased dramatically: the groundbreaking National Study of Youth and Religion was one of the first to track how youth perceive and act on spiritual ideas as they grow up. In many cases, young people themselves have started their own ministries, taking up social justice causes and spurring their peers on to good works. To unlock this article for your friends, use any of the social share buttons on our site, or simply copy the link below.

Youth samples are in PDF format. The lessons allow time for both group discussion and personal reflection. It is yours for free. To read the lesson, you will need Acrobat Reader. Creative Bible Study Methods for Youth Leaders 6 Inductive Bible Study The aim of an 'Inductive Bible Study' is to find out what the writer of the passage is trying to say and then to apply our understanding and insights to practical action in everyday life. If you want to learn what the Bible says about specific topics on a variety of issues affecting our daily lives visit: BibleInfo. We meet every Wednesday night at until in the youth room on the lower level of the family life center.

Challenges and Opportunities for Youth in the Church Today

The youth in our nation are facing amazing challenges. Christian youth are among those who are facing the greatest challenges in our country. As you view this list what is your response?

What attracts and keeps students at your church?

Among the recent discussions of the problems of American youth today, Teen-Age Tyranny William Morrow and Company, , by Fred Hechinger, education editor of The New York Times , and his wife, Grace Hechinger, takes high rank for the intelligence and candor with which it faces the problem. It is not comfortable reading; out of abundant documentation it shows things as they are among the rank and file, not of socially and economically underprivileged boys and girls, but of our young people who are being schooled in the most expensive educational system any nation has ever had and whose material advantages exceed those of any of their predecessors in our history. Because of the hard common sense with which it deals with adolescent mores today, Teen-Age Tyranny is of special interest to parents, ministers, teachers, and youth counselors.


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