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Hydrocracking Science And Technology Pdf

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Keynote Lectures. Hydrocracking in the year a strong interaction between technology development and market requirements J.

Cracking (chemistry)

Handbook of Petroleum Processing pp Cite as. Hydrocracking is a flexible catalytic refining process that can upgrade a large variety of petroleum fractions. Hydrocracking is commonly applied to upgrade the heavier fractions obtained from the distillation of crude oils, including residue. The process adds hydrogen which improves the hydrogen to carbon ratio of the net reactor effluent, removes impurities like sulfur to produce a product that meets the environmental specifications, and converts the heavy feed to a desired boiling range. The chemistry involves the conversion of heavy molecular weight compounds to lower molecular weight compounds through carbon-carbon bond breaking and hydrogen addition.

Springer Professional. Back to the search result list. Table of Contents. Hint Swipe to navigate through the chapters of this book Close hint. Hydrocrackers designed for residue conversion employ ebullated bed e-bed reactors or slurry-phase reactors. Fixed-bed and e-bed hydrocrackers employ dual-function hydrocracking catalysts, which contain both acid sites and hydrogenation sites. Acidity comes from amorphous aluminosilicates ASA , crystalline zeolites, and related materials such as silica-alumina phosphates SAPO.

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The properties of catalyst were studied by N 2 adsorption-desorption, X-ray diffraction, and scanning electron microscopy. The reaction was conducted in cyclohexane under 0. Amounts of organic compounds which fall into the categories of homologues of benzene and naphthalene were detected. It suggested that the catalyst could effectively catalyze the cleavage of C-C-bridged bonds. As an important chemical process, direct coal liquefaction DCL could be a feasible option to directly convert coals into liquid fuels or chemicals [ 1 , 2 ].

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Hydrotreatment and Hydrocracking of Oil Fractions, Volume 127

The spherical FZSM-5 with a dendrimeric silica fiber possessed a high surface area m 2 , a wide pore diameter 2—20 nm , abundant strong acid sites and high catalytic activity towards cumene hydrocracking. If you are not the author of this article and you wish to reproduce material from it in a third party non-RSC publication you must formally request permission using Copyright Clearance Center. Go to our Instructions for using Copyright Clearance Center page for details. Authors contributing to RSC publications journal articles, books or book chapters do not need to formally request permission to reproduce material contained in this article provided that the correct acknowledgement is given with the reproduced material.

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Hydrocracking in Petroleum Processing

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