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There are no justifiable actions which allow you to encourage or participate in the harm of another person, even if that individual is trying to hurt you at that time.

So, here it is. Relativism is the theory which stated that there are no absolute truths; truth is relative to the subject and can vary from person to person and from society to society. There are no universally valid moral principles and so there is no one true morality. All principles and values are relative to a particular culture and age. Truth is relative.

Situation ethics

Skip to content. All Homes Search Contact. Describe the main principles of Ethics of Care. Flash Cards. Chapter Virtue Ethics. Filed Under: Essays. We all depend on each other as individuals.

major strengths and weaknesses of ethics of care

People like to wallow or cower in the security of the law. Every man must decide for himself according to his own estimate of conditions and consequences … 2. At the time it was written it seemed to make some radical claims such as that it is not wrong to have extramarital sex, to be homosexual, or to have an abortion. It is badly argued, idiosyncratic and rehashes old ideas. However, the Pharisees tell him off because he has performed this healing on the Sabbath day and the Jewish law says that no one can work on the Sabbath. Fletcher has in mind a simple minded deontologist who holds that actions are right and wrong irrespective of the consequences. For example, we ought to tell the truth in all situations, even if this means that, say, millions of people die.

Skip to content. Situation Ethics is great in principle, surely it can only be right to do the most loving act? It allows for flexibility which may make it popular because lots of ethical issues are individual and require different responses to different situations. But it could also be seen as too idealistic, love is subjective and not everyone knows what constitutes a loving act. Discarding absolute laws would not work in society. Created by: Julia Created on: Situation Ethics strengths and weaknesses.

The strengths and weaknesses of Situation Ethics

Situation ethics was most famously championed by Joseph Fletcher It is based on agape love Christian unconditional love , and says that we should always do the most loving thing in any situation. Fletcher rejected following rules regardless legalism and also the idea that we should not have any rules antinomianism and said that we need to find a balance between the two.

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Situation ethics teaches that ethical decisions should follow flexible guidelines rather than absolute rules, and be taken on a case by case basis. There are no universal moral rules or rights - each case is unique and deserves a unique solution.

Outline very briefly who Kant was, he was a german philosopher who argued that morality was a matter of absolute rules, rules that admit no exceptions and appeal not to religious considerations but reason alone. Also outline the categorical imperative that was part of his thinking. Thus leading you onto the main focus of your essay strengths and weaknesses then your own opinion to finish the piece off. Save the best idea that you believe is the best idea for last to back your own personal opinion then run with it for a solid conclusion.

Situation Ethics strengths and weaknesses


Skip to content. It is clear the majority would agree the weaknesses do outweigh the strengths of situation ethics, the weaknesses show why it has not been adopted by mainstream moral thinking in any of the major Christian churches. Situationist thinking can be seen as a response to the collapse of many moral certainties as well as the inadequacies of legalistic moral thinking but it would be more applicable to take a different approach. Report Thu 30th April, Sign up to Comment. Similar Philosophy resources: Situation Ethics. Situation ethics.

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Relativism and Absolutism – Strengths and Weaknesses

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Chapter 5. Fletcher’s Situation Ethics

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