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When you start a new schedule, you add tasks and organize them efficiently so that the project end date occurs as soon as possible. For more articles in this series of project management instructional guides, see The Project Road Map.

Pradeep1 Dr. Rajendra S2 1 M. Scholar 2H.

Microsoft Project 2010 Advanced

Pradeep1 Dr. Rajendra S2 1 M. Scholar 2H. D 1,2 Department of Civil Engineering 1,2 NCET Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Abstract One of the most challenging jobs that any manager can take on is the management of a large-scale project and it requires numerous activities throughout the project. A Modern project management has developed various techniques based on network techniques in order to plan the projects processes in time, their costs and resources.

Critical Path Method CPM is one of the best procedures for the planning, scheduling and optimizing the resource usage. CPM scheduling is a basic project control tool hence it is using in the all type of project. Completing a project on time and within the budget is not an easy task. The project scheduling plays an important role in the time and cost aspects of a project. Each project managers have different systems in planning and scheduling, which is usually consists of Gantt chart or Bar chart.

The development of Critical Path Method provides a basic and systematic approach to project managers. This results in the use of softwares like Microsoft Project and Primavera. It makes an important role in the contribution to the national economy and provides employment to large number of peoples.

There is a growing need for project controls or project manager on todays construction projects. The steps required to do such a good planning includes logic, timing, analysis and scheduling the inputs. The primary challenge of project manager is to achieve all the project goals and objectives within the project constraints [1]. The secondary challenge is to optimize the resource allocation and integration of inputs necessary to meet project objectives.

The project managers are using Critical Path Method for their project monitoring. The project management softwares are MS-Project and primavera. Both these softwares are based on CPM. Objectives of Study Following are the objectives of the study 1 The main objective of planning and scheduling of a villa by using MS Project tool is to execute the project most economically. Project management is an application of knowledge, tools, skills and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements.

Project management includes the scope, quality, budget, resources, and schedule. Construction project management is an application of knowledge, tools, skills and techniques to the construction project activities to meet their project requirements.

The construction project management involves the planning, scheduling, executing and monitoring. Planning Planning is the part of the project management. Planning is the process of creating and maintaining plan and the psychological process of thinking about the activities to create a goal or to achieve a goal. Planning is a fundamental property of intelligent behavior. This planning process is required for the improving of a plan, or integration of it with other plans.

Planning is also used for describing the procedure used such as creation of documents, diagrams, meeting to discuss on the important issues to be addressed, the objectives to meet, etc and strategy to be followed. In construction plan, it is common to adopt a primary importance on either cost control or schedule control. Planning involves advance thinking like what is to be done, when it is to be done, what are the activities to be done, how it is to be done, where it is to be done, what are the requirements to do it, who has to do it and how to ensure that it is done.

This entire action plan aim is to achieve the specified goals. Scheduling A schedule is a work program. Scheduling is a logical sequence which is set by date-wise. It is a time table for action.

Time scheduling is the process of developing a work program. An activity progress schedule was probably prepared when the activity was estimated.

The main purpose of scheduling is to determine the duration of project so that an estimate of general conditions or general requirements containing time related could be prepared. The project has become a reality, the activity progress can schedule needs to be reviewed and refined for further purposes.

The purposes of scheduling are Optimize time, Eliminate or reduce uncertainty. Improve efficiency of the operation, Optimize the resources, provide a basis for monitoring and controlling work. The main and primary objective of any organization is not to waste the resources.

The resources should be utilized to maximum possible capacity as it is present on site. If the duration the completion of the project is fixed, then resource optimization should be applied without changing the total duration of the project.

Resource Leveling is a function in Microsoft Project that allows optimizing the use of resources by delaying activities and adjusting resources to reduce the peaks in the histogram III.

It is developed by Microsoft, Microsoft project software released in Microsoft project software is used for planning, scheduling, monitoring, controlling and resource optimization of the project Microsoft Project has its advantages 1 It is user friendly.

They can assign a probability to problem occurrences and simulate the schedule, resource and cost impact of those problems. Following this the critical path will be obtained and then the resources availability is collected and assigned, analysis and leveling is done and results are concluded. The entire activity described below is integrated with the MS Project and report is generated.

Construction Planning, Scheduling and Optimization of resource involve the following steps. Resource Leveling A. Planning 1 Data Collections Data collection involves the collection of drawings.

All structural, architectural, plumbing, sanitary drawing etc should be collected and list of activities involved are listed. Scheduling After collecting the drawings and preparing list of activities, quantity for each activity has been calculated. Now next procedure is scheduling the activities in the MS-Project Software.

The scheduling procedure is as follows: Creating a new project plan Assigning calendar Setting project information Setting base line Scheduling activities in MS-Project. Microsoft Project comes with three types of calendars they are Standard, 24 hours and Night shift.

Here we can give our project start date and we can assign the calendar. By changing the schedule from the project finish date we can schedule it by fixing a final deadline.

Microsoft Project will calculate the duration of the project and it schedules as per given information in schedule from start date or finish date and as per assigned calendar.

Fig 2: Setting baseline Click on the project and select the eight one set baseline and in that once again set baseline. Make sure that entire project. For deleting the baseline clear baseline option is used. When Baseline schedule is made, MSP copies early start and early finish dates to the baseline start and finish date field original durations get copied to baseline duration.

MSP allows deleting or moving the activities, but the disadvantage is whenever we delete or move an activity then every time we need to update baseline 5 Scheduling Activities in MS-Project It involves mentioning the activities in MS Project under Task name column. After mentioning the activities in task columns next step is grouping, the activities are grouped with the help of outdent and indent options.

Microsoft Project automatically takes the start and finish date before we assign the duration and predecessors it will take project start date as a start and finish date After mentioning the activities next work is assigning the duration of each activity. For assigning the duration site experience and quantity of each activity is required.

Based on the quantity of the item, capacity of workers or working capacity of machine per day, availability of workers and with site experience we have to assign the duration for each activity. Microsoft Project. FS is the default linking taken by MS Project. Resource Optimization 1 Resource Allocation Adding resources to a project can result in the accuracy of the schedule. When resources are assigned in Microsoft Project software, it determines the weather resources are assigned is over allocated or not, if assigned then it will give an indication in task sheet and in resource sheet.

Click on resource at the top of the screen under that select the resource sheet. Assign the resource in the resource column. Mention the type of resource assigned in type column. The resources are of 3 types Material, Work and Cost.

If work type resource is assigned then mention, the maximum numbers of workers or equipment has to be used in the project in the Max column. It will take in percentage. If material type resources are assigned then mention its price per unit in the standard rate column and also assign its unit in the Material Label column.

Standard rate for work type resources can be mentioned in terms of rate per hour or day or month. Standard rate for material type resources is assigned based on the material. Base calendar comes only for the work type resources.

In the Gantt chart assign the resources to each activity. A task information dialog box will appear in that select the resources tab, select the resources for that task and assign the number of units for the work type resource and quantity for the material type resource 2 Resource Levelling Resource levelling helps in order to minimise the peaks in daily resource usage. If the duration of completion of project is constant, then resource levelling is applied without changing the total duration of the project.

The periods of maximum demand of resource are allocated and the activities are shifted to the availability of float. Microsoft project shows that where resources are over allocated. It shows man symbol in the task sheet and red color to the resource in resource sheet. It also helps to identify the cost of any item. By adding cost column in the task sheet we can get the cost of the project and cost of the each activity.

The typical scheduling and cost report is shown below. The leveling does not reassign any task or units or activity. It does not change work, only it balance the work load with the leveling feature, which adds delay and splits in a project plan according to the specifications that we set.

By selecting leveling option we can do resource levelling for entire project. Cost Analysis The Microsoft Project calculates the cost for each activity, and it will give overall cost of the project at the top of the task sheet.

The Microsoft Project software calculates the cost as same as we calculate by manually.

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Gantt charts give you one view of where your project is going. But you can get critical feedback on all areas of your schedule in Project views. Choosing the right view of your schedule is the first big step toward keeping your project on track. For more articles in this series of project management instructional guides, see The Project Road Map. Project management tips before you start. Do you want to figure out which tasks are the most important in your schedule? All tasks are important in your schedule.

No part of this publication may be reproduced or used in any form or by any method without the written permission of the author. Adobe and Acrobat are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Asta Powerproject is a registered trademark of Asta Developments plc. All other company or product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Screen captures were reprinted with authorization from Microsoft Corporation. The author has made every effort to ensure accuracy of this publication, but cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage arising from any information in this book. The screen shots for the book are mainly taken from Microsoft Project Professional but the book may also be used to learn Microsoft Office Project Standard The book has been written to be used as the basis of a two-day training course and includes exercises for the students to complete at the end of each chapter.

Project management goal: Create a new project schedule in Project desktop

And we want to do this without interfering with daily business. People should be able to do their work, then on the weekend all items will be transfered, so that your colleagues can start working from the new office building the following Monday. Now we have to talk about how Project uses those values to calculate the duration of your project.

And we want to do this without interfering with daily business. People should be able to do their work, then on the weekend all items will be transfered, so that your colleagues can start working from the new office building the following Monday. Now we have to talk about how Project uses those values to calculate the duration of your project. When you enter for example a duration of 12 days for a task, the task will span across 3 weeks. Therefore the task will consume two full weeks plus 2 days of the 3rd week.

Project to web data and SharePoint information is available to be built in to the project file so that the project can be managed across continents via the internet or intranet allowing the use of a central pool of common resources to enable the project managers to efficiently interact and plan through project difficulties. How To Use This Guide This manual should be used as a point of reference following attendance of the introductory level Project training course. It covers all the topics taught and aims to act as a support aid for any tasks carried out by the user after the course.

Microsoft Project integration enables project managers to create projects, complete in-depth scheduling using dependencies and constraints, and perform what-if analysis offline before synchronizing project plan and progress information with Project Financial Management applications in Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management. Project executives, project accountants, and billing specialists can use the information exported to Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management for financial planning, project costing, billing and revenue accrual, and performance reporting. The integration of Microsoft Project versions , , , or for desktop with Project Financial Management applications lets you to do the following:. Import templates or existing projects from Project Financial Management applications to create projects in Microsoft Project. Export projects from Microsoft Project to create projects in Project Financial Management applications.

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