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Please click this link to download the chapter. Some of the beliefs and institutions of the past may seem alien to us, others may also seem too familiar. But in either case, when we study the people of the past, what we are really learning about is the rich diversity of human experience.

Post a comment. Missionaries came to East Africa for various reasons. These were economic, social, and humanitarian in nature.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Oral History as a Research Method

By interviewing people who have memories of the past or who retain recollections given to them by members of older generations we have a potentially very productive way of discovering and preserving the history of parish congregations and communities. By conducting interviews with long-standing members of churches and communities we can add significant dimensions to our understanding of the past. Oral history can be lots of fun for the researcher, a great way of involving others in the research process and an invaluable means of preserving and remembering the history of the church or congregation. Although it is important to be aware of the potential pitfalls described above, oral history is still an excellent way of finding out information about a church or community. Here are some tips:. Oral History Print version [PDF 25KB] How to use Oral History By interviewing people who have memories of the past or who retain recollections given to them by members of older generations we have a potentially very productive way of discovering and preserving the history of parish congregations and communities. It can bring history to life — giving insights into the life of the church and community, how it functioned and how people felt.

Using the internet and a dictionary, research on the definitions of History. You probably remember your childhood friend you liked playing with. You may also remember your first day in school. Some people may remember the name of their first class teachers. Such a collection of information about our past forms our history. We can also make informed decisions about the present and devise ways of improving the future.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Oral/Verbal Communication and Written Communication

There are obvious problems with the use of oral traditions. Critics easily point out that they lack absolute chronology, are extremely selective in their content, and are compromised by possible human errors. William G. Clarence-Smith argued that the value of using oral traditions has been not for their intrinsic worth but sentimental, as they offer African historians the opportunity to present an independent history, "uncontaminated by colonialism. The use of oral traditions demands a distinct professionalism that is not altogether dissimilar to that employed by historians who rely on other, "conventional" sources.

Alessandro Portelli once said To speak is to preserve the teller from oblivion. Portelli is trying to explain how important the documentation of people's lives through the spoken word is. Without this form of history the true voice of people and groups of people would disappear forever and that would be a crime. Since the very beginning of time humans have told stories, sang songs and recited poems to convey experiences of themselves or people from the past, this process of distributing wisdom is quintessentially in every person in the world. Thus as a result historians have ceased upon this opportunity to understand the past more accurately through what may be considered as a biographical interview and so since the 's when this started to be used as a research tool the techniques have been refined to include a set of moral standards and techniques which allow the interviewer to extract more information from the interviewee. Although this research method has been around since the 40's it is still a new method in collecting historical data and therefore has had criticisms directed at it from more traditional academic historians.

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1: Historiography and Historical Skills

Oral Traditions

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The advantage are that you learn about people and events that were not recorded in writing. The disadvantage is that oral history changes greatly over time thanks.

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    African and Africanist historians have professed the value and reliability of oral traditions for the reconstruction of the history of African peoples.

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    Oral tradition offers the advantages of inducing open communication and verifiable first-hand knowledge of events from a historical reference point.

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    Oral communication has several advantages and disadvantages, compared to written communication, which has several advantages too and a few disadvantages.

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