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Difference Between Hrm And Hrd Pdf

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HRM stands for human resources management, which refers to the art of managing all aspects of the human work force at a company or organization. As human resources management usually applies to big companies and organizations, it has sub categories, among which is HRD, which stands for human resources development. Because the process of hiring new employees can be long, expensive and cumbersome, most companies employ the strategy of HRD to promote longevity of employees within the company because through this an employee is likely to progressively scale up the managerial ladder.

What does the Human Resources do?

Human Resource Management (HRM) vs. Development (HRD)

It involves those activities that arrange and coordinates the human resources of an entity. Further, it aims at maintaining good relations at various levels of management. Have a look. Human Resource Development means a continuous development function that intends to improve the performance of people working in the organization. What is it? Management function.

It is the integrated use of training, organization, and career development efforts to improve individual, group, and organizational effectiveness. Human Resource Management is the process of managing people in an organization in systematic and organized manner. The main goal of human Resource management maximizes the productivity by enhancing the efficiency of employees in an organization. To manage efficiently and accomplish the goals of an organization, Human Resource Management is composed of various interrelated activities. Both are very important concepts of management specifically related to human resources of an organization. Human resource management and human resource development can be differentiated on the following grounds:. Human resource management and human resource development can be differentiated on the following grounds: The human resource management is mainly maintenance oriented whereas human resource development is development oriented.

Human Resources Development VS. Human Resources Management

HRM deals with all aspects of the human 1. HRD only deals with the development resources function part. HRM is concerned with recruitment, 2. HRD is concerned with employee skills rewards among others development. HRM functions are mostly formal 3. HRD functions can be informal like mentorship. HRM is a routine and administrative 4.

HRD is a subsystem of HRM and draws many functions, attributes, and processes from HRM. HRM deals with and has concerns for people only. It handles recruitment, rewards, etc. HRD is concerned with the development of all aspects and people within an organization and manages its skill development processes.

Difference Between HRM and HRD

Interview questions revolving around the difference between human resource management and human resource development have been taking many participants by surprise. Read on to take a closer look. HRM is an essential branch of management that deals with making the optimum usage of organizational human resources by nurturing better work conditions for all concerned. On the other hand, HRD is a branch of HRM that focuses on the growth and development of the workforce in any organization. Human Resource Management or HRM is defined as a branch of management that deals with the management of employees in a manner that they can provide the best results to an enterprise.

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