coloniality of power and eurocentrism in latin america pdf

Coloniality Of Power And Eurocentrism In Latin America Pdf

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Core Course Michaelmas The three essays set for pre-seminar reading are listed below; a PDF for the one that is not available online is available on the Moodle Core Course site. If postcolonial studies is a new field for you, there are some good introductions to postcolonial theory that you might like to consult — these are listed at the bottom, but they are not required reading for the seminar.

More about this series. Written by internationally renowned scholars based in Latin America, the United States, and Europe, the essays reflect multiple disciplinary and ideological perspectives. Some are translated into English for the first time. The collection includes theoretical reflections, literary criticism, and historical and ethnographic case studies focused on Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil, the Andes, and the Caribbean. Analyzing the many ways that Latin Americans have resisted imperialism and sought emancipation and sovereignty over several centuries, they delve into topics including violence, identity, otherness, memory, heterogeneity, and language.

Coloniality of power

The racial axis has a colonial origin and character, but ithas proven to be more durable and stable than the colonialism in whosematrix it was established. Therefore, the model of power that is globallyhegemonic today presupposes an element of coloniality. In what follows,my primary aim is to open up some of the theoretically necessary questionsabout the implications of coloniality of power regarding the history of Latin America. The conquistadors assumed this idea as the constitutive, foundingelement of the relations of domination that the conquest imposed. OnNepantla: Views from South 1. The other process was the constitution of anew structure of control of labor and its resources and products. This newstructure was an articulation of all historically known previous structures of control of labor, slavery, serfdom, small independent commodity production and reciprocity, together around and upon the basis of capital and the world market.

The "coloniality of power" is an expression coined by Anibal Quijano to name the structures of power, control, and hegemony that have emerged during the modernist era, the era of colonialism, which stretches from the conquest of the Americas to the present. A vast movement of the world's people, in the aftermath of colonialism's demise, and fleeing the impoverishment, derailed development, and debt-servitude it left as its heritage, has accelerated toward the heartland of that colonialism: Europe and the US. This diaspora a logical response to the EuroAmerican despoliation of the third world's resources and public assets. The people of post-colonial regions, divested of their economies, and thus of their ability to live, follow their pillaged wealth into the EuroAmerican economies that plundered them. In the US, they face a virulent anti-immigrant machine that combines a racist populism with arbitrary policing and a militarized border.

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Coloniality of Power, Eurocentrism, and Latin America - UBC Blogs

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Coloniality at Large

The coloniality of power is a concept interrelating the practices and legacies of European colonialism in social orders and forms of knowledge, advanced in postcolonial studies , decoloniality , and Latin American subaltern studies , most prominently by Anibal Quijano. It identifies and describes the living legacy of colonialism in contemporary societies in the form of social discrimination that outlived formal colonialism and became integrated in succeeding social orders. Quijano argues that the colonial structure of power resulted in a caste system, where Spaniards were ranked at the top and those that they conquered at the bottom due to their different phenotypic traits and a culture presumed to be inferior. Maria Lugones expands the definition of coloniality of power by noting that it imposes values and expectations on gender as well, [3] in particular related to the European ranking of women as inferior to men. Coloniality of power takes three forms: systems of hierarchies , systems of knowledge , and cultural systems.

Colonization is the exploitation of resources and imposition of European cultures and geopolitical powers upon Indigenous native cultures. Racism was used by colonialists to legitimize abuse and the theft of land and labor from Indigenous and Africana peoples. These fracturing processes, which culminated in European settler-colonies within the non-European world, nearly annihilated indigenous peoples and curated the ongoing genocide and enslavement of Africana peoples. Currently, coloniality rests on the exploitation of the Global South by the Global North. Colonial power is often reflected in common descriptive language.

Coloniality of Power, Eurocentrism, and Latin America - UBC Blogs

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of world power, including its specific rationality: Eurocentrism. This article discusses some implications of that coloniality of power in Latin American history.

Centre of Latin American Studies

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